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Allwater Pavilion project started

Allwater Pavilion project started

The long-term tests of the Allwater Panel prototypes is over, our test results have been positive. The prototypes managed long period infilled state, and we  finally enter the last stage and the pavilion construction can start, as the detailed planning phase is also over.

The construction phase of the panels start next week in a factory, where also the opaque elements will be assembled. The transparent units will be ordered next week also.
The opaque elements (floor, wall and roof panels) will be assembled first. After that the final measurements for the transparent panels can take place, and the prepared panels can be built in as well.
The last stage will be engineering technology. Allwater Pavilion will be heated/cooled by a special method: the building will act as a Heat Trap, and instead closing summer heat out, it will store it for the winter. Based on our expectations, the building will be able to store enough heat for the whole winter period. This saves on cooling also, and basically makes heating almost free.
Various companies will support us for this building process. Guardian Hungary Co. Ltd. will be our partner for the glass production, and Jüllich Glass Co. Ltd. will be responsible for glass processing. There will be several other companies working with us together  in different stage of the construction, they will be introduced one by one in the following posts.
We will introduce each step of our work in the following days and weeks. We are looking forward for this exciting period, which will take about 1.5 months. We are glad to share with you this process, our final goal after long work and research. We hope you will find it as exciting as we do.


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