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KP16 project submitted

KP16 project submitted

KP16 project has been submitted for approval

The rooftop loft housing approval plan stage finished last week, and on 19th April the documents have been submitted to the City Council for approval. When we have been contacted to do this project about 6 months ago, the building had various projects done in the past and all of them failed. This happened mainly because the roof is really small and flats designed before did not meet the expectation of the Client. Another problem was the high cornice molding, which hampers to make sufficient openings for daylight in conventional way.

To overcome this difficoulty we redesigned the molding in a contemporary way. Openings are planned in a special way to allow more light to enter the flats, and mirror effects of the frame offers unique view to the city and the sky.

The project was also welcomed by the inhabitors of the house as well, they vote 100% for the project. None of them could recall such agreement in the house in its long history.

The approval process started last week and it is planned to take about 3 months. The construction process is scheduled to start this summer.



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