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Allwater Pavilion: Knauf Insulation joins the project

Allwater Pavilion: Knauf Insulation joins the project

When it comes to Allwater Panel, the used materials are always crucial: it is not only about energy savings and carbon footprints, but also environmental impact is a major issue. For Knauf  Isulation the utilized materials have been always important, not only when it comes to recycling, but also to take effort to develop natural adhesives and packaging, to protect environment to the last step.

For us recycling is a crucial issue: all elements of Allwater Panel has to be completely recyclable, this goes not only for the water but also for the solid shell as well. This is why we are pleased to work together and have the support of Knauf Insulation for the Allwater Pavilion project, so we can make sure that we can get to our goal one step closer.


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