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Allwater Panel: site selected

Allwater Panel: site selected

Allwater Pavilion site has been selected in our city, Kecskemet. The site is located in the industrial area of the city, with garden and a pond.The place is ideal for us to conduct our tests on the structure and to model the effect of solar heating on the structure. An additional heat storage unit will be attached to the system, so when Allwater Pavilion system acts as heat trap, the summer heat can be collected and used in the winter.
An additional Reference Pavilion will be place on the site as well. It will be an exact replica of our Pavilion, but without the innovation. Energy consumption will be monitored for 1 year for both structures, so the energy savings of Allwater Panel system can be followed.

After the construction is finished, this place will partly become the second home for the innovator, Matyas Gutai as well. He is planning to become the first proud inhabitant of an Allwater House to test the effects of the structure himself.


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