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Allwater Pavilion: Joint elements finished

Allwater Pavilion: Joint elements finished

Stromwerk successfully finished all joint elements for the pavilion. May they be small units only, for the Allwater Panels this was a great step forward to our final goal. Because the Water House energy model works in a completely different way, then any other system before, all joint elements used for our technology are innovation by their own. Since water volumes are connected throughout the house, these units have been developed with a special safety valves, which allow water to flow from one unit to the other, but close to stop flow in case one panel would break. This allows safe operation for the panels and the building as well.
The units have been specially designe for this purpose working together with Stromwerk using a 3d program and flow modeling. The units were tested finally with a panel prototype about a month before to make sure the allowed flow works properly and also the flow secure stop works effectively also.


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