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Building of Allwater Pavilion part 2: Containers arrived

Building of Allwater Pavilion part 2: Containers arrived

Allwater Pavilion’s purpose is not only to present this technology in real scale: the goal is also to test the special “heat-trap” system for the Panel we developed. The pavilon works as a heat battery during cooling periods and the structure absorbs the heat on perimeter and also indoors. This heat energy will be stored for later use in winter. Allwater Panel saves operational costs twice: once while cooling the interior and also when reuse it for heating later.

Since this will be a test building only, we used the simplest way of heat storage possible: the hot water will go to tanks placed close to the Pavilion. Since we want to store enough heat for the whole heating period, large containers are required. For a large building there are more effective heat storage technologies available of course, with less demand of volume and space, but since they all work the same way, this solution perfectly serves our purpose.

Since Allwater Ltd. is dedicated to sustainability, we took great care to find our containers, we sought used ones to minimize waste production, and also elements which can enter market circulation again after the test. Finally we found some used containers used for winemaking before. Since they will contain water only, they can used again later for the same purpose.


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