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Building of Allwater Pavilion part 4: Glass panels made in Jüllich-Glas

Building of Allwater Pavilion part 4: Glass panels made in Jüllich-Glas

The first large glass Allwater Panels have been made in the factory of Jüllich-Glas holding. This was not only the test of the panel technology, but also for the production itself: all steps from the beginning have been discussed between members of Jüllich and the inventor-designer of Allwater Panels, Matyas Gutai.

When it comes to a completely new technology, the challenge is not only to make the system work, but also to create a product which is suitable for punctual and effective mass production. The prototypes done earlier have been an important steps to this final stage, and to modify the technology to make it still work but also easy to produce required long consultation with Jüllich: meetings took more then half a year.

But finally, when we reached the stage to produce the first large panels, then not only the product itself, but also its assembly process have been finalized as well. This allowed Jüllich-Glas to be able to produce the transparent Allwater Panels only utilizing its existing technology.

Needless to say, this did not came without slight improvisation when we arrived to the details of the product, but the expertise of the factory staff combined with the experience gained from the long preparation process assured good results.

The glass panels used for the Allwater Pavilion will be about 1 meter wide and 1.75 meter tall. This is resulted by the low ceiling height of the test building, as we designed it with only 2.1 meter height. Naturally, for later projects the panels’ size can be increased further.

This is how the panels look when they come out from the assembly line and going through the final inspection. The panel production stage is now done, and now the panels come to Kecskemet city from the factories of Debrecen and Szekesfehervar: the assembly of the Allwater Pavilion can finally begin.


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