Innovation in building, structure and design are the pillars Allwater Ltd. is based upon. Years of international experience in research and design (Japan) and in business (Switzerland) assure safe and reliable basis for all of our ventures, whether it comes to new innovation in building (Water House and Allwater Panel) or sustainable and efficient design or property management.

We welcome any opportunity to challenge ourselves in various works and define  solution based on sustainable design and innovation. May it be of any function or scale, our work comprehends all tasks from beginning until the last detail, each case we intend to overcome existing limits of conventional building solution: Allwater panel and Water House model.

Water House building model represents the design philosophy our company stands for: seeking to go beyond the boundaries of conventional building systems to define not only new typologies but also provide new and more effective sustainable solutions to give new meaning for innovative and comfortable indoor climate and building in a sustainable way.

This way Allwater Panel presents the essence of our work method: instead “upgrade” of conventional construction with “gadgets” to make it sustainable, we rather seek more complex solution, which can deal with construction, energy and thermal comfor constraints the same time. This way sustainability becomes more an inspiration for us, instead of limitation.