Allwater Panel in Office diagram

Allwater Panel is ideal for Office construction: sustainable, green and comfortable working environment.

For any office building transparency and effective microclimate is crucial. Allwater Panel is a very effective and in many ways superior solution compared to existing technologies. Above all, even transparent Allwater Panels have significant heat mass, which eliminates overheatings in summer or cooling in winter. Any local thermal load or loss is balanced by the whole structure. This assures ideal microclimate for the total space.

Allwater Panel turns the challenge of cooling load into an advantage. In addition to thermal comfort, the system is also energy efficient: the panel utilizes the total surface as a “battery” to capture heat load during the whole year to use it in winter. This gives considerable energy savings, because the “heat trap” not only allows cheap heating energy reserves, but also cools the house in summer.

Allwater Panels can meet heating/cooling demands  for the whole year based on renewable energy sources only, for almost any climate. This lowers initial building costs, as conventional gas/electric heatings become unnecessary. The system is made as a real multifunctional element: it is not only wall, but also heater/cooler or ventilator, and also works as a solar collector for example. It has most of the mechanical installations inbuilt, which results effective and free space in the working area.