Sales (Building material provider, producer, manufacturer)

Allwater Ltd. is looking for local distributors of manufacturers in any country or area for partnership in local panel distribution or production. The benefits are:

1. Easy
Allwater Panel is light during transportation and assembly. Prefabrication assures and keeps quality. Manufacturing process is not difficult after necessary elements are provided. You can be our partner without taking tremendous efforts.

2. Simple shift
If already being a manufacturer, you can partially rely your own existing machinery for production. You can extend your product offer with new elements offered in an easy and effective way.

3. Competitive
Allwater Panel is not only a new technology. It is also a product which is superior in many ways compared with conventional building elements. See our section on “Allwater Panel/Water House” for video and properties like: “All-around”, “All-one”, “All-weight”, “All-source” and “All-in” and Allwater Panel video for more info.

4. Be Green.
Allwater Panel comes with low environmental impact: materials utilized are recycled or recycle-able elements, production is energy effective. Building operation based on renewable energy. Becoming our partner you can strengthen your position in Green Technology market and add an environment-friendly product to your company profile.

5. Global
Becoming partner of Allwater team also grants access to an innovative think-tank in sustainable building technology. Allwater Panel is under continuous development and the system extends with new products and elements every year. This goes for implementation also, as the examples and experience shared throughout the network.