You may Client for a new building or owner an existing one planning renovation or reconstruction, Allwater Panel technology can provide sustainable solutions competitive with other existing technologies. The benefits are:

1. Piece of Future
Allwater Panel buildings introduce a new technology of construction and building operation that goes beyond the properties of conventional (classic) building systems. It is not only an environmental-friendly way of building, but also a new innovative technology of Green sustainable design.

2. Green
Allwater Panels production utilizes recyclable and natural materials. The new Water House model operates with low energy demand, and assuring healthy and comfortable indoor environment in an easy and effective way.

3. Competitive
Allwater Panel is not only a new technology. It is also a product which is superior in many ways compared with conventional building elements. See our section on “Allwater Panel/Water House” for video and properties like: “All-around”, “All-one”, “All-weight”, “All-source” and “All-in” and Allwater Panel video for more info.

4. Practical
Allwater Panel is competitive with classic building methods. Prefabricated, quality controlled until the last step. Rapid building and easy maintenance, in-built mechanical technologies with low maintenance cost. Applicable and effective in any climate.

5. Cost-effective
Allwater Panels’ in-built mechanical elements lower building cost and initial expenses. Green and renewable energy saving options keep low operational cost and payback times.