Allwater Panels have been developed to experience sustainable design in a completely new way: free of binds in existing green technology or limitations of conventional building. The benefits are:

1. Free house
Allwater Panels eliminate the effect of orientation in sense of thermal effects. North or south side properties become irrelevant. Transparent or solid areas become thermally same. You can design your building the way you wish, and not let energy drive your hand. Glass or solid house becomes thermally the same.

2. Green
Allwater Panel is a multi-functional element: its not only wall but solar panel or wall heating. You can design a real sustainable house without putting on the sustainable “gadgets” in the last stage, compromising your design.

3. Competitive
Allwater Panel is not only a new technology. It is also a product which is superior in many ways compared with conventional building elements. See our section on “Allwater Panel/Water House” for video and properties like: “All-around”, “All-one”, “All-weight”, “All-source” and “All-in” and Allwater Panel video for more info.

4. Practical
Allwater Panel is competitive with classic building methods. Prefabricated, quality controlled until the last step. Rapid building and easy maintenance, in-built mechanical technologies with low maintenance cost. Applicable and effective in any climate.

5. Global
Becoming partner of Allwater team also grants access to an innovative think-tank in sustainable building technology. Allwater Panel is under continuous development and the system extends with new products and elements every year. This goes for implementation also, as the examples and experience shared throughout the network.