Matyas Gutai / CV GM

Curriculum Vitae

Matyas Gutai, MSc Architect, PhD

18-12-1980 born in Szekesfehervar, Hungary


2007-2010 The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture, Ph.D. course

2005-2007 The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture, Graduate course, MSc Architect

1999-2005 Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture, MSc Arch.

Work Experience (academia):

02/2015-present   Feng Chia University, Department of Architecture
Assistant Professor
Climate Building in Architecture, Water Structures, Hybrid Responsive Building Structures

11/2012-11/2014    The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture, Prof. Kengo Kuma Lab
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (JSPS Japanese Government Program)
Trans-structure: Water building, Fluid Architecture and Liquid engineering

02/2011-11/2012   Budapest University of Technology and Econ. Dept. of Residential Buildings
Lecturer on Architectural design, Sustainability and Innovation

10/2008-10/2009 The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture
Teaching assistant for Architectural Design Studio 1 and 2

Work Experience (architecture/design):

02/2011-present   Allwater Architecture Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
Projects: Allwater Pavilion, Kiskunsag National Park Education Center and others

06/2010-02/2011  Zoboki-Demeter and Associates, Budapest, Hungary
Projects: New Masterplan for Dongying city, China (Design Development /DD/)
“Yellow River Cultural Museum and Air-Defense Office Tower” (DD)

Work Experience (short term contracts during PhD /full time/):

08/2008-01/2009 Shigeru Ban Architects, Tokyo, Japan
Projects: Palm Jebel Housing, Abu Dhabi (built)
“al Haram” extension of Mecca Grand Mosque (competition)

03/2008-06/2008 Arata Isozaki & Associates, Tokyo, Japan
Projects: Offenbachplatz Opera and Theater in Cologne (competition)


09/2007-01/2008  Shigeru Ban Architects, Tokyo, Japan

08/2007-09/2007  Alvaro Siza Vieira Arquitectos, Porto, Portugal


02/2011                Chamber of Hungarian Architects (licensed architect, RIBA equivalent)

Lectures and presentations:

14/11/2014           “Breaking the Wall of” Solid Buildings
Falling Walls Lab (International Conference on Innovation in Berlin)

07/11/2014           Innovation in Architecture: Trans-structures and Responsive Design
International Symposium at The University of Tokyo (moderator and presenter)

18/07/2014          Trans-structure: New Design Methodology of Responsive Buildings
International Conference on Sustainability and Engineering (Oslo)

14/04/2014          Water House: New Technologies in Active Sustainable Design
lecture for Mexican delegation of architects at University of Tokyo

14/10/2013          Liquid Engineering: Towards New Sustainable Model for Architecture and City
International Conference on Planning and Environment (Peking University)

04/10/2013          Sustainability and Innovation: The Importance of Fluid Architecture
lecture for National Sustainable Development Agency (Tokyo University)

09/04/2013          Water House Model: New Strategy for Sustainable Housing
Engineering Sustainability 2013 (University of Pittsburgh)

Workshop tutor:

21-28/07/2014     Laguna Verde: Enabling Activities in Public Spaces
International Workshop, Turin Politecnico and University of Tokyo

04-08/04/2011      Missing: New Opportunities in Public Space
Workshop at Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Research work, grants and fundraising:

11/2012-11/2014  Trans-structure: Water building, Fluid Architecture and Liquid engineering
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Prof. Kengo Kuma Lab (The Univ. of Tokyo)
Research goal: Responsive-able Hybrid Structural System research

Project Support (pavilion building): Mitsubishi Plastics and AGC Glass

07/2010-11/2012  Allwater Pavilion: Sustainability, Water House and Fluid Architecture
Lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Research goal: Develop new construction method and build first Water House
Grant: EU research grant for Allwater Panel project
Project Support
(pavilion): Guardian Glass, Jüllich Glas and Knauf Insulation

10/2008-01/2009 Water House Model experiment
PhD candidate in The University of Tokyo, Dept. of Arch., Prof. Namba-lab
Research goal: Test Water House Energy Model on built structure in laboratory
Grant: GCOE Research Foud (550.000 JPY)

Master and Doctor thesis:

10/2007-04/2010 Amphibious water – Dissolution method and Water House Model
PhD thesis in The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture
Research goal: Possibilities of Liquid Engineering in Sustainable Design
Supervisor: Prof. Kazuhiko Namba

10/2005-10/2007 Ageing, weathering, layer of time in the Industrial Era
Graduation thesis in The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture
Research goal: The effect of change and time in architectural design
Supervisor: Prof. Kazuhiko Namba

Research Partnership:

‘Water House’ Research Project (5 universities)
The University of Tokyo, Sapienza University of Rome, POLIS University of Tirana, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Shahid Beheshti University of Iran 

Fellowships and Scholarships:

11/2012-11/2014  JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Prof. Kengo Kuma Lab (The Univ. of Tokyo)

10/2004-04/2010 Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Japanese Government Scholarship at The Univ. of Tokyo (MsC +Ph.D.)


03/2005            SUR – Sustainable Urban Regeneration exhibition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo
organized by The University of Tokyo, Department of Architecture

03/2003            “All Art” Exhibition in Millenaris Park, Budapest
organized by Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Competitions, Prizes:

12/2011                Junior Príma Prize (granted for innovation: Water House patent)

04/2008              Hauszman Prize for Graduation Design (awarded by Hauszman Foundation)

07/2007               Budapest Government District International Competition, 4th Prize

05/2003               House of Words competition, 2nd Prize

04/2003               Graz Sculpture Park Gate competition, 1st Prize 


23/03/2011        ‘A heat energy system for heating or maintaining thermal balance in the interiors of buildings or building parts’ WO 2012127451 A2

Publications (peer-reviewed, book):

2014 Matyas Gutai: Trans-structure – Water building, Liquid Engineering and Fluid architecture, published    by Actar Publishers ISBN 978-1-940291-44-4

2005    Matyas Gutai: 40 years of architecture – Discussions on development of Kecskemet city
reviewed by Dr. Balint Csatari and Jozsef Kerenyi DLA
published by Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kecskeméti Monográfia füzetek,
in Kecskemét, Hungary, ISBN 9632188683

Publications (peer-reviewed, reports):

2010        “PureWater panel system” in CSUR annual report in 2008, published by
GCOE Program “Center for Sustainable Urban Regeneration” The University of Tokyo

Publications (published built projects in online media, selected):

2015        “Liquid engineering – Meet the man who builds houses with water” by CNN

2015        “Water House Slashes Energy Needs” by AFP
The article was also published in (Japanese, English, French, Spanish):
Discovery News, Yahoo News, The Japan Times, and others

2014       “Water House built in Hungary”
The article was also published in (selected English results):
Business Standard News,, World News Report, Yahoo News India,
World News Sina English, GlobalPost, Gizmodo India, Daijiworld,, and others

2014        “Magyarországon mutatják be a világ első vizházát”
The article was also published in (selected Hungarian results):
HVG,, 444,, and 40 others


2014         Interview on Water House invention and Allwater Pavilion on

Non-refereed (trade) publications in journals (31 in total, available by request):

2014 “Elements and Fundaments – 14th Architecture Biennale”, publ. in Metszet 2014/5 (H,E)

2014 “Scale Test – Nagaoka Naore by Kengo Kuma”, publ. in Metszet 2014/3 (H,E)

2014 “Out-In: Architecture as Environment”,Hiroshi Senju Museum, publ. in Metszet 2014/1 (H, E)

2013 “Tradition inside-out” – Memu Meadows house by Kengo Kuma, publ. in Metszet 2013/4 (H)

2013 “Light Game – 2 Shinkin Bank offices by Emanuelle Moureaux, publ. in Metszet 2013/3 (H)

2012 “Embracing the temporary – London Olympics” publ. in Metszet 2012/5 (H)

2012 “Game shape – London Velodrome by HOK” publ. in Metszet 2012/5 (H)

2012 “Frozen music – London Aquatics by Zaha Hadid Architects” publ. in Metszet 2012/5 (H)

2012 “Interview with Martha Thorne and Shigeru Ban” published in Octogon 2012/5 (H)

2012 “Memory of a mountainpeak – Teshima Art Museum” published in Metszet 2012/2 (H)

2011 “Grain – Interview with Kengo Kuma” published in Octogon 2011/5 (EN, H)

2011 “Halfway – 21_21 Design Museum in Tokyo by Tadao Ando” publ. in Octogon 2011/5 (H)

2011 “Book labyrinth – Library of Sou Fujimoto in Tokyo” published in Octogon 2010/5 (H)

2011 “ Built by Memories – Nezu Museum in Tokyo by Kengo Kuma publ. in Metszet 2010/6 (H)

2011 “5 acts – Hoki Museum of Realist Art, Japan” published in Metszet 2011/6 (H)

2010 “City models –German and Dutch pavilion in Shanghai EXPO” publ. in Alaprajz 2010/7 (H)

2010 “City circles – Danish pavilion in Shanghai EXPO by BIG” published in Alaprajz 2010/7 (H)

2010 “Better city Better Life – Shanghai EXPO” published in Alaprajz 2010/7 (H)

2010 “Shanghai Express – EXPO on future of cities” published in Octogon 2010/5 (H)

2010 “Transition – Children Library in Tokyo by Tadao Ando” published in Alaprajz 2010/1 (H)

2009 ” In between –KAIT Workshop by Junya Ishigami” publ. in Alaprajz 2009/8 (H)

2009 “Circles – Tomihiro Art Museum” published in Alaprajz 2009/4 (H)

2008 “Big, Bigger, China – Olympic Games of Beijing” published in Alaprajz 2008/5 (H)

2008 “Light and water – Komjo-ji shrine by Tadao Ando published in Alaprajz 2008/3 (H)

2007 “House of Music – Casa da Música publ. in Alaprajz 2007/7 (H)

2007 “Form follows climate – Serpentine gallery by Rem Koolhaas” publ. in Alaprajz 2007/6 (H)

2007 “vazios urbanos – Architectural Triennial in Lisbon”, published in Alaprajz, 2007/6 (H)

2006 “Hard case – Kanhta Bopha Foundation in Cambodia”), published in Alaprajz, 2006/4 (H)

2006 ” Shanghai Oriental Art Center” published in Alaprajz 2006/1 (H)

2005 “Wisdom of nature? – Aichi Expo published in Alaprajz, 2005/4 (H)

2005 “Variations- box architecture in Japanese way” published in Alaprajz, 2005/3 (H)

Publication language is indicated as Hungarian (H), English (E) or Japanese (J).


Languages                English (fluent), German (fluent), Japanese (intermediate),

                                  Esperanto (intermediate), Hungarian (native)