VK4 Housing

VK4 Housing

VK4 Housing

VK4 Rooftop loft housing

Rooftop extension of historic building in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. Because of high fire resistance of Allwater panels, project got permission to open up the fire-wall, where windows are prohibited. Panels assure both unique Danube view and energy performance, with renewable energy use and ideal thermal comfort indoors.

Building was hit during WWII, the facade has not been restored that time. Historical facade has been reconstructed based on drawings found in the archives and research on construction methods of that age.

Rooftop terraces give unique view to Danube riverbank and to the Buda side: Gellért-mountain, Universities and the Castle. Special geothermal heating and cooling is developed to assure ideal thermal comfort indoors without air-conditioner or gas, minimizing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Private terraces have been designed to be accessible only from flats only. A large terrace on Danube side is made for community as well.


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